Qingdao Tycoon Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaonan,Qingdao. We are a professional manufacturer of tyres, especially European standard environmental protection and energy saving rubber tires.
We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of environmental rubber mats, pneumatic rubber wheels, all kinds of rubber products. Our rubber products are all with high quality and competitive price and compliance with EU REACH and PHAs standard in China. We have cooperations with several agencies major in designing and producing rubber & plastic products, on the R & D of rubber-plastic field, technology assessment, technical training, technological achievements. We contract a full set of equipments on making all kinds of large engineering rubber-plastic, tyres and other rubber-plastic products. We provide commissioning process and installation, until customers produce satisfied products and achieve maximum economic benefits.
Our company passed ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certification. The co


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TM-G0407 橡胶疏水防滑垫 TM-K111 厨房橡胶垫 TM-K110 厨房橡胶垫 TM-K109 厨房橡胶垫 TM-K108 厨房橡胶垫 TM-K105 厨房橡胶垫 TM-K104 厨房橡胶地垫 TM-K102 厨房橡胶地垫 TM-K101 厨房橡胶地垫 疏水防滑垫 T-605

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